British Robotics Industry Pushing Forward Post-Brexit

Published by , February 26, 2018 1:54 pm

(RoboticsBusinessReview) The British robotics industry is pushing forward post-Brexit with a variety of research programs and the development of a number of new robots. On the financial side, investments from both public and private sources have been critical to the success of these initiatives. There are also concrete signs of continued robotics investment across the U.K. manufacturing, industrial, and construction sectors.
The recent launch of the British Robotics Seed Fund is the first investment fund specializing in U.K.-based robotics startups. The fund, created by High Growth Robotics Ltd. (also known as BritBots) in collaboration with Sapphire Capital Partners, is open to “professional or sophisticated investors with a minimum of £10,000 [$13,000 U.S.] to invest” and who are looking to “enhance their investment portfolio with high-growth robotics businesses.”

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