Bob the Robot has Two Voices and Personalities

Published by , July 25, 2016 5:36 am

(Yahoo.Finance) Bob the Robot-or b08-stands 4’2″ tall, is colored in red, white and blue. He has two voices, or personalities. Both of the personalities are designed to take part simultaneously during a same continuing interaction with a user. The talking head is the humorous and comic part of b08’s personality that uses human voice actors. The computer display on his chest shows the voice of another the personality. Steve Favis Founded Taechyon Robotics with a former NASA Ames’ award winning technologist Dr. Deepak Srivastava.
b08 was designed to bring robots into the lighter side of technology and digital entertainment. When asked why there were two personalities and why one personality wasn’t enough, Favis said, “Droids are man’s best friend in Sci-Fi, and I sincerely believe they will be man’s ‘other’ best friend very soon. These home robots could provide countless hours of entertainment, information, companionship and even education. b08 is home hub that can follow you and talk to you

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