Asimov Ventures Launches $30 Million, Early Stage VC Fund for Robotics and 3D Printing Industries

Published by , August 17, 2015 11:50 am

( — Alan Meckler, son John Meckler, and Tyler Benster have officially launched Asimov Ventures, a “leading early stage technology venture capital firm,” which will concentrate its efforts within the 3D printing and robotics spaces. “We believe Asimov is the first pure early stage VC fund for 3D printing and service or collaborative robots,” Alan Meckler explained. “We are raising $30 million. We plan to close the raise [at the] end of October. The fund is based in New York City and Seattle. Focus is on U.S. early stage investments, but we will be looking at overseas opportunities as well.”

With $30 million expected to enter the venture capital fund, there seems to be plenty of opportunity for early stage startups both within the 3D printing and robotics industries.

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