AI ‘Pre-Hire Assessment’ Bots Beginning to Automate Hiring Process

Published by , March 5, 2018 2:07 pm

( HireVue is one of a number of new companies selling AI as a replacement for the costly human side of hiring. It estimates the “pre-hire assessment” market is worth $3bn a year. HireVue’s flagship software product, used by Unilever and Goldman Sachs, asks job candidates to answer interview questions in front of a camera. Meanwhile its software, like a team of hawk-eyed psychologists hiding behind a mirror, takes note of barely perceptible changes in posture, facial expression and vocal tone.
With applications rising, employers have automated as much of the process as possible. This started more than a decade ago with simple programs that scanned text CVs for key words. It has now expanded to include quizzes, psychometric tests, games and chatbots that can reject applicants before a human ever glances at their CV.

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