Agritech Drone from Israel’s Aerodrome Will Deliver Real-Time Analyses to Farmers

Published by , May 7, 2018 12:45 pm

(CTech)  Drones can help farmers monitor the state of their fields and crops at the push of a button, according to Aerodrome CEO Roy Degani. Yet only 4% of farmers have adopted the technology to date. Setting up a drone system is expensive and using it requires a skill-set that most farmers do not have, and this means they must rely on external experts to operate the drones and analyze the data for them, he added. “Agriculture is the most significant industry in the world, and it affects every person on earth, yet it has not evolved much since the Middle Ages,” says Degani.
Founded in 2014 by Israeli Air Force veterans in central Israel, agritech drone developer Aerodrome has some 20 employees. The drone developed by Aerodrome operates and navigates autonomously, scanning the fields and delivering real-time comprehensive analyses to farmers, allowing them to detect and fix any anomaly before it can have an ill effect on their crops.

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