ABB ‘Keen on India’ as Market Develops for Electric Car Chargers

Published by , June 18, 2018 1:54 pm

(TheHinduBusinessLine)  ABB, the global electrification, robotics and industrial automation major, recently launched a charger solution that can fully charge an electric car in eight minutes. In 2016, ABB won an order from Geneva’s public transport operator and Swiss bus manufacturer, HESS, for providing flash charging solutions — the equipment would take only 15 seconds to charge the batteries of buses to enable them go on further. ABB is keen on India, too, and the India team is watching electric developments in the country closely.
Battery-powered vehicles will become the order of the day in a decade as the world, scared by climate change effects, shifts away from fossil fuels. There are two million e-vehicles on the roads today, and more on way, but for that a critical piece of the infrastructure is charging stations.

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