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RoboUniverse is a robot technology “end user” conference and exposition, featuring an array of business professionals, industry practitioners and robotics solutions providers. RoboUniverse events are all about Modern Robotics – mobile service robots, collaborative robots, drones and cognitive intelligence (AI), and the intersection between IoT & Robotics. The conference features leaders and experts on the robotics revolution who provide insights into market and technology trends that are creating business opportunities and changing the way we work, learn, and live. Our goal is to provide education and actionable intelligence for our attendees.

The conference program for RoboUniverse New York features focused tracks on Cognitive Science and IoT, Manufacturing & Logistics, and Robots for Enterprise. We will delve into Business & Investment, Legal, Education, and IoT & Robotics.

Co-located with Rising Media’s industry leading Inside 3D Printing Conference & Exposition and Virtual Reality Summit, RoboUniverse will be the disruptive international technology event on the East Coast in 2016 bringing more than 8,000 attendees and visitors together.



This year’s RoboGameChanger and Inside 3D Printing Startup Competition will be housed together for the first time in the Frontier Tech Startup Showdown. The Frontier Tech Showdown sponsored by Asimov Ventures brings together top startups in 3D Printing, Robotics, and Virtual Reality to crown the winner of a $15,000 Uncapped SAFE courtesy of Asimov Ventures. Past winners have collectively raised over $21 million, with the average winner raising more than $3.5 million in subsequent financing. The competition takes place Tuesday, April 12 from 11:45am to 12:45pm. The competition will feature 8-10 qualified startups featuring a range of technologies and applications. Audience attendance is included with any registration category for RoboUniverse.


AI Brain Computer Interface Cooperative Robots Effectors Global Markets Investment IoT Jobs Legal & Regulatory LiDAR Mobile Logistics Navigation/Mapping Sensors Service Robots Stimulation STEM Video Voice & NLP
Business Track

Robots and AI are changing the way every company does business. Everything from the factory floor to the front office will be feeling the impact of this disruptive technology. Sessions in the Enterprise track will address the investment opportunities, work force impact and jobs, applications, globalization challenges, regulatory issues, education and STEM efforts.

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Medical Track

Robotics is not just for the factory floor anymore. It’s moving into the executive suites. Sessions in the Cognitive Science track provide applications for building the “brains” of future robotic applications and involve emerging mathematical algorithms to not only solve common business problems, but also detect and predict future patterns. Cognitive Science is the interdisciplinary scientific study and simulation of the mind and its processes. The collective research areas and applications involve a combination of disciplines including: Artificial Intelligence, Neuroscience, Psychology, Linguistics, Philosophy, and Anthropology.. These new smart, predictive analytical techniques are also known as: AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Knowledge Engines, or Neural Networks.

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Manufacturing Track

New collaborative robots and mobile autonomous robots are changing how goods are produced and managed. Learn about the latest advances in collaborative robots and mobile robots for manufacturing and materials handling. The new age of automation is here! Learn all about the opportunities and advantages of employing safe, collaborative, mobile robots in your company.

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Who Should Attend?

  • Agriculture Technology Users
  • Educators and Research Professionals
  • Engineers and consultants
  • Government representatives
  • Healthcare professionals
  • Investors, analysts, and venture capitalists
  • Manufacturing professionals
  • Qualified students
  • Robotics End-Users
  • Software Developers
  • Systems Integrators
  • Press & Media